søndag 17. mai 2009

Le Sphinx Killing the Heroes

Le Sphinx Killing the Hero


Born: 05. Sept 2007

(Ch Zimistraija Sarek x Ch Le Sphinx Filippiia)

Softis is a very handsome young "man" - he is very sweet and gentle young boy. He loves all the attention he can get, and to lay around in your lap, if for sure one of his favorites. He has correct bite, full dentition - lovely pigment, good reach and drive.

Softis did move to his co-owner Sigbjørn Johanssen in Stavanger in June - there he lives a spoiled life together with his half brother "Sean". There he did have a change of name, from Softis to Hero...

Le Sphinx Killing Heroes
at the Norw. Sighthound Spes. Hurdal - May 2009
2nd best male with CAC (his first show)


Softis stacked and moving photos at 20 months old - May 2009